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Other Programs Funded by the LMB

Healthy Families/Home Visitation Program FY23
The Healthy Families/Home Visitation program is funded through the Maryland State Department of Education’s Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services’ Healthy Families/Home Visitation Grant.  This program promotes child well-being and prevents the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children through intensive home visiting.

Home visiting is a strategy for a comprehensive service delivery utilizing professionals, highly trained paraprofessionals or volunteers to offer support to children and their families in their own homes.  The primary purpose of this program is to support pregnant or parenting teens to fully understand their role in nurturing their children in a manner which promotes child development and health and safety so children enter school ready to learn.  Home visiting programs have a positive impact on state results for children.

A partnership with the Cumberland YMCA’s Family Center allows the Local Management Board the opportunity to offer this program.

Model Smoking Prevention Program (MSPP) FY22
This program is funded through the Allegany County Health Department -Behavioral Health’s Prevention Program’s Cigarette Restitution Enforcement Fund grant.  This grant is a comprehensive, evidence-based  program called “The Model Smoking Prevention Program (MSPP)”.  This program will be available to 8th grade students in Allegany County middle schools made possible by a partnership with the Allegany County Board of Education.

This smoking prevention program is designed to promote awareness and knowledge of the harms of tobacco use and electronic cigarette use among school-aged children in grades 5-8.  MSPP has three key goals  1) to help young people identify the reasons why their peers smoke, 2) to provide young people with tools to help them resist the temptation to smoke, and 3) to emphasize the value of social support, through peer leadership activities, in preventing tobacco use among youth.  MSPP, as a prevention program, has been proven to work effectively in diverse settings, urban and rural, in all socio-economic groups and across all ethnicities.  The program’s curriculum fits well into a normal class period. Students are actively engaged in the sessions through the use of educational strategies like cooperative learning groups, group discussions, role-plays, reports, and goal setting.  In addition, MSPP uses same-age peer leaders to facilitate many of the classroom activities. The positive influence of peer leaders serves as a proactive prevention tool to help offset the peer pressure many students face to start using tobacco and alternative tobacco products.  All activities are designed to actively engage the students rather than provide them with lecture-style lessons.  To read more about this program click here mspp_ss_final

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