Local Care Team

What is the Local Care Team (LCT)?
The Local Care Team coordinates services for children in need of residential placement and children with intensive needs. The LCT is comprised of an inter-agency team of public child-serving agencies along with consistent family-voice representation.  The members problem solve how to best use local resources to keep the family intact and increase both adult and child/youth family members’ functioning.  The LCT is the pathway to wraparound services in the community. 

Is there funding for services through the LCT?
LCTs do not fund services, however they serve as a place where families can get information from all of the agencies to see if there are possible community resources, services, or supports to help their child. It is an opportunity to have all of the agencies in one place and ask questions in a family-friendly environment.

Why would someone contact the LCT?
1. Your child or family is involved with multiple agencies and you feel like you’re getting nowhere.
2. You are having trouble finding the right resources or think your child needs more services but you’re not sure where to turn.
3. You know what you need but you can’t seem to locate the service locally.
4. You feel overwhelmed and need a guide through the maze of reports and recommendations.
5. Your child is showing new behaviors that have you feeling confused or not knowing what to do.
6. You are feeling lost in a system that is confusing, unorganized or non-responsive.
7. You need resources for your child but not sure how to access or pay for them.
8. You are feeling overwhelmed and alone like there is no one to help or guide you.

Which agencies participate in the LCT?
A representative from each of the following agencies who is empowered to commit agency resources at the time of the meeting:
     -Department of Juvenile Services;
     -Developmental Disabilities Administration;
     -Local Core Service Agency (Local Behavioral Health Administration);
     -Local School System;
     -Local Health Department;
     -Local Department of Social Services; 
     -Local Management Board;
     -A parent or parent advocate; and
     -The Division of Rehabilitative Services
     -MD Coalition of Families

Who can make referrals to the LCT?
ANYONE – Agencies, parents, community members, anyone can call.

How are referrals made to the LCT?
Easy process, just call or email the LCT Coordinator OR Click on link below: 

To get more information, contact the Local Care Team Coordinator, Erin Lewis at
301-697-7685 (cell) or email her at erin.lewis@maryland.gov

OR VISIT PATH2HELP click link below

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